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Party Planning


The Party Process | Why do you need a party planner? This is a common question and if you have not entrusted someone to manage such a special occasion before, it can be difficult to appreciate the need. This is an investment and we appreciate and take it very seriously when you engage our services.

We aspire to bring joy to people’s lives, and take the time to get to know each and every client on a personal level, so that we can bring to life the party of your dreams.



We begin by getting to know who you are and learn about the vision for your party. This involves an initial meeting, where we get to the fun part of mapping out your party and visualizing the whole event bringing it to life. Creating a look-book to capture party features that are important to you, which can include:

Your Theme | Your Colour Scheme | Your Style | Your Décor | Your Personal “Must Have’s”

Fine-tuning your features will help you envisage how your party will look, in line with your budget. This in turn allows us to set the stage and build from the ground up our planning process, enabling us to select the right items and creative’s that are in sync with your features and our mission of delivering luxurious events. Thereby allowing us all to travel along this journey together, with one focus in mind…. transporting you and your guests to a magical place where everything you wished for comes to life.



 Engaging the right creative’s that are just as enthused and excited as you are about delivering your party brief is the starting point.

Our creative team are:

Resourceful | Experienced | Reliable | Flexible | Supportive | Smart

We nurture strong relationships with the creative’s we work with and develop an environment of trust to deliver on our skillsets, and achieve the very best outcome for you and your guests. 

We are always prepared to go that extra mile, providing a top quality service, whilst encouraging a relaxed and stress free planning process, which translates to events that excite and evoke emotions that become memorable experiences to all involved.




We get the most joy out of planning your party. We wrap a protective cushion around you where you are kept up to date on the planning progress, but in terms of communication with the creative’s, dealing with logistics, scheduling site visits, sourcing locations, staying on top of the financial budget, we manage all of these so that your experience of the process is:

Effortless | Enjoyable | Reassuring | Trusting | Excitable

Every aspect of your party is taken into consideration, as we understand it’s the attention to ALL the details that makes all the difference to delivering you and your guests a successful party.



Your big day is here, this is what we have been preparing for and time for all the moving parts to come together. We will arrive at the venue first and greet all the creative’s directing them to their workstations and oversee the build and setup which includes:

Erecting Marquee | Lighting | Drapes | Balloon Installation | Decorations | Furniture Hire | Table/Chair Dressing | Table Centrepieces | Catering | Bar | Wait Staff |And More

Once setup is complete we welcome you and your guests, and will remain a constant low key throughout, whilst at the same time ensuring the party flows, whilst you and your guests enjoy the celebrations.

As the celebrations draw to a close, those special moments and happy memories is our parting gift to you.


Our events are designed to delight, with memorability in mind. So that even when the celebrations are over, you and your guests will always have plenty to smile about.

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